Addie LaDawn Mini Haul

Starfish earrings

I decided to place a long overdue order with Addie LaDawn for some cute accessories. This Etsy shop never disappoints.

Wednesday April 10 2013

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I’ve ordered from Addie LaDawn in the past, but haven’t for quite awhile. From time to time, I’ve checked the Etsy shop and she always has cute stuff. Right now she has particularly super adorable jewelry for summer. I decided I had to place a long overdue order.

If you’re not familiar with Addie LaDawn. It’s the creation of a really sweet girl as a way to help her brother who has¬†Spinal Muscular Atrophy. You can feel great about placing any order with her, knowing you’re helping a family. Also, everything is well made, I’ve never had anything break.

Addie LaDawn haul

Shipping was affordable and super fast! I placed my order at night and I think it went out the very next day. As in the past, the packaging is always cute and it came with a little ‘thank you’ note.

Here’s what I purchased:

Faux druzy ring

This faux druzy adjustable ring was only $7. Matching earrings and heart-shaped faux druzy jewelry is also available.

Starfish earrings

These starfish earrings are available in a few different colors for $5 each. They are perfect for summer and my current mermaid obsession.

Skeleton hair clips

I ordered these skeleton hand hair clips to wear with my wig. It only cost $7 for 2 of them.

skeleton hand clip

Addie LaDawn hair clip

hair clip

I encourage everyone to check out Addie LaDawn for affordable and adorable accessories. Also, I have to say THANK YOU for the gift!! :)

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This was an enjoyable review.
I like when you can get homemade stuff that’s just as good as going to a national chain.
Plus, it’s for a great cause and it’s nice to see you taking that into account. I lol’ed a bit when I saw “the starfish earrings go perfect with my current mermaid obsession.”
They do though. The earrings and the ring are very pretty and summer-y.
Hope to see them in person!

LouisApril 15, 2013

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