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Monthly Boxes

The market is saturated with monthly box subscription programs and it can be overwhelming. Here's a list of affordable programs for each member of your family.

Wednesday April 16 2014


There are sooooooo many monthly subscription boxes out there and it’s overwhelming! I decided to do a little digging and put together a selection of the affordable ones for every member of your family.

I actually didn’t know many of these existed until I started my research. As I said, the market is saturated with these programs, but I left out quarterly ones and subscriptions more than $35. I’ve only ever received Birchbox and Ipsy so I can’t personally vouch for others. Before giving any company your personal information, be sure to do some research.

Here we go…

Beauty Box Five- $12/month
Similar to Birchbox, you receive 5 deluxe samples and full-sized product. “It’s a cosmetic jungle out there and we want to lend a helping hand by introducing you to new brands and great products, while sharing tips on the best ways to use them.”

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box- $19.95/month
“The easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. Each month you’ll receive a delivery of 4-7 new products to try, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare.”

Your Bijoux Box- $35/month
Jewelry can be considered beauty, right? “Instantly update your wardrobe and add sparkle to your look with new jewels. Receive 3 pieces of hand curated jewelry.”

Ages 0-4
Silly Rhino- $35/month
“Each month we send boxes full of only the safest, environmentally conscious, highest quality toys, books, accessories and gear, suitable for children ages 0-4.”

Ages 3-8 years
Kiwi Crate- $16.95- $19.95
“Receive a crate filled with fun projects each month or just once. Create and discover with science, art, games and more!” Sibling add-ons are also available.

Ages 6-11
Nerdblock Junior- $13.99/month
Items for boys are from Marvel, Pokemon, Star Wars, and many more! Items for girls from Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony, Monster High, and more.

Phone Case of the Month- $10/month (iPhones and Galaxy S3, S4 only.)
“We offer a limited edition phone case that is completely unique to our company. Each package includes a one of a kind phone case as well as neat little surprises such as stickers, temporary tattoos, unicorns, and who knows what else!”

NerdBlock- $19.99/month
“Epic Geek Gear every month.” Features items from Marvel, Star Wars, Nintendo, and more!

Mom & Dad
Hammock Pack- $30/month
“Enjoy 5-6 products that are local to each monthly destination. Each pack is filled with a mix of food, bath products, housewares, and accessories you’ll only find while visiting each city.”

Blush Box- $15-$24
Choose from The Condom Courier, The Panty Delivery, Monthly Teaser Box, and Club Play Membership to discreetly receive date night items at your door.

Bark Box- $19+/month
“Four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!”

The Bride
The Bride Box- $35/month
“Our team will carefully curate a beautiful bridal box full of gifts to help you plan, prepare and pamper for your special day of bridal bliss.”

Book Lover
Hand Picked Words-$15/month or $29 for 4 months
“A feast of delicious poems, short stories, letterpress art, books, and more will arrive at your door (or your inbox) every month. You get at least four shorter pieces and a full-length book.”

Food Lover
Love with Food- $10/month
“Helps you discover new organic, all-natural snacks delivered to your door. For every box sold, we donate a meal to several food banks.”

Vegan Cuts Snackbox- $19.95/month
“From chips to cookies and sodas to teas, each month we’ll send 7-10 vegan goodies straight to your door.”

Do you love a subscription box that I didn’t mention? Leave comments below!


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