August 2013 Birchbox


If you're like everyone else in the country, you received your Birchbox days ago. If you're like me, you just got it in the mail today.

Monday August 19 2013


If you’re like everyone else in the country, you received your Birchbox days ago. If you’re like me, you just got it in the mail today.

August Birchbox Theme

Instead of a typical ‘Back to School’ theme, Birchbox is focusing on details and finishing touches for August.


Let’s see what goodies (or not so goodies) I received this month…

Birchbox Coola

While this Coola Sunscreen in August is a thoughtful idea, I really don’t need a tiny sunscreen sample. I like Mango scented products, but the weather in Pennsylvania has been more Fall-like lately and I don’t know if I’ll even use it. I also would never pay $32 for the full-size product.

Birchbox Fresh Feet Wipes

I’m not going to totally bash Birchbox for sending me feet wipes because I appreciate the idea behind this product. I think about walking around NYC in sandals and how great these peppermint Fresh Feet Wipes would feel afterwards. Also, during the summer you take your kids to the amusement park and they fall asleep in the car on the way home. Wipe their hands and feet off with these if they’re too tuckered out for a bath that night. So, yes Birchbox could have included a more exciting sample, but oh well.

Jouer Eye Definer

When I previously cancelled my monthly subscription it was because I couldn’t stand getting another sample of perfume or food. Well, I feel like this year Birchbox is stuck on lame hair products and eyeliners. One was exciting, two were okay, but seriously another one though?!


I like Jouer products. However, this Gris color I received is odd. It’s kind of a shimmery navy/black? The sample is a decent size and the Eye Definer is long-lasting. I couldn’t get all of this swatch off my hand, even after a shower.

Stila Stay All Day

While this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is probably the most exciting thing in the August Birchbox, I don’t love it. It goes on like lip gloss, looks like lipstick. The color is nice and it does a fantastic job of not transferring. However, my issue is the way it feels on my lips and it’s taste when I lick my lips. This liquid lipstick isn’t amazing, but it’s not awful either.

Birchbox uniqONE

Did I mention being stuck on lame hair products? This uniqONE leave-in hair treatment better make my hair look better or I may get annoyed with Birchbox…

Birchbox Ann Taylor

I’ve never shopped at Ann Taylor before and I think that’s the point of this offer. I’m not sure I’ll use these coupons, but this is a great way for the retailer to attract new customers just in time for back to school/fall fashion.

August 2013 Birchbox Opening


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