Benefit Hervana Blush

Benefit Hervana

Benefit released a NEW boxed powder the first week of 2012 and I couldn't resist buying it.

Wednesday January 11 2012


Benefit is my favorite cosmetics company and I’ve been dying to buy their blushes, but never did because they cost $28. For Christmas I got Sephora’s Benefit Big 1o gift set which contained 2 sample size blushes. I really like the samples and when I saw an ad for the new Benefit blush, I thought “Oh my god, I need that!”

Hervana was released only last week I believe. My Ulta didn’t even have it yet, but I found it at my local Sephora.

I love the packaging! It’s pink and purple and heavenly with clouds and a halo. Inside the box is a small angled brush and there is also a mirror. I like that Benefit blushes come with a brush and this one is super soft. The box also has a magnetic closure.

Hervana blush itself looks amazing! It’s a pretty pinwheel design and is actually 4 different blushes in one. The individual colors are Heavenly Rose, Berry Delight, Lucky Shell, and Divine Peach.

The box says “Achieve hervana! Swirl these blissful shades together & sweep on your cheekbones for an enlightened flush.”

The following photo shows swatches of each color individually on my fingers.

Here’s a photo of me wearing Hervana.

Overall, I love this “good karma face powder” and do not regret buying it. I’ve been told these boxed blushes last for a long time and are worth the money. Pink is my favorite color when it comes to blush and Hervana provides a perfect pink flush. I love the color, the packaging, the pinwheel design, and I even like the scent! Yes, this blush smells good.

If you can’t find this blush in stores, it is available online from Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora, and Ulta.

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