Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair Review


Does your child have way too many stuffed animals and you don't know what to do with them? Many parents suffer from toy storage problems. This item can help and even provide comfy seating for your child.

Saturday June 25 2011


I bought this a few months ago. I first saw it online and thought oh my gosh, I need this because my son has soooo many stuffed animals. However, because of the price I thought, no I won’t get it. I thought about it for a couple days and after reading the reviews on the website, I thought okay I will buy it. It’s made by Boon, but I purchased mine through One Step Ahead.

This really is a great invention. It solves the problem of storing stuffed animals, without having to stuff them in storage containers, closets, or wherever they will fit. I have a son and I didn’t really want all his stuffed animals on display. He’s 3 and his room is very boy-ish. He has so many stuffed animals, some of his own, some passed down from me and his father. I was frustrated with finding room for all of them because our house has a lack of storage space, his closet is pretty small and full of clothes! I had stuffed animals on dressers, in dresser drawers, my son was sleeping with a bunch and there were still more! If this problem sounds familiar than you may want to consider this stuffed animal bag chair.

Not only does it store the stuffed animals, but it provides extra seating. What kid doesn’t like a bean bag chair? This chair is pretty big, you can fit A LOT of stuffed animals in it. I was actually quite surprised. I put all my son’s “homeless” stuffed animals in it and it is still a little flat, with plenty room for more. Your child can still easily access their toys too. There are 3 mesh windows so they can see their stuffed animals. Each of the mesh windows also has a zipper closure, so your children can get the stuffed animal they want without having to take them all out.

The bean bag chair is super soft. It’s made out of polyester plush. Kids can me messy, but luckily this is machine washable in cold water and then you can air dry it. It comes in green and pink. I wish it came in blue, but I don’t mind the green.

Now for the downside, the price. This costs $44.95. If you are a frustrated parent that just wants to get organized, it’s worth it. This item is rated 4.7 stars on the One Step Ahead website. A lot of the reviewers state that it is worth the prize.

My son doesn’t use this a lot, but to be honest he’s not in his room a lot. He is spoiled and has toys in our living room, dining room. his room, and our spare room. Most of the time he’s downstairs making a mess. He does¬† know exactly where to go for all his stuffed animals though and he can unzip it by himself. His room looks a lot more organized since I bought this. If you don’t believe me, just look at my son’s picture. He gave the thumbs up and I didn’t even tell him to! LOL

You can buy this item on One Step Ahead’s website. They also sell a kid’s stuffed animal storage pillow which is great for traveling. The pillow is only $9.95 and for an extra $5 you can have it customized with your child’s name. However, the pillow doesn’t match these animal bag chairs.

I receive One Step Ahead catalogs in the mail. I really like this company. They have useful products for children of all ages. They have small items that cost a few dollars all the way up to big products that cost hundreds of dollars. I have bought a few really great items from them. Do you ever think why doesn’t someone make this? They have a lot of products that parents don’t even know exist.


I found one of these online in purple and bought it ~ thanks for the great review!!
Thanks for post.

Bean BagsSeptember 6, 2011

I found one of these online in purple and bought it ~ thanks for the great review!

Patty HansonJuly 19, 2011

This is really cool ~ like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I think I’m gonna need to get one of these for my 4 yr old. Do you have any special codes for buying this?

Patty HansonJuly 18, 2011

Hey, you’ve been tagged for an award on my blog :)

eRiNJune 27, 2011

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