Ginger & Co. Review


Blondes are wild, Brunettes are true, but you never know just what a Redhead will do. Of course I had to try products from a new company called Ginger & Co.

Wednesday September 11 2013


Ginger&Co Review

I was at Ulta and saw products from a company called Ginger & Co. I thought the packaging was cute, it has a retro pin-up vibe to it. I also like anything to do with redheads even though I’m a fake ginger. This brand actually reminds me of Soap & Glory.


This hand cream is super moisturizing! My hands felt so soft after using it. I like that it absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave my palms greasy. My only issue with it is the scent. I really don’t like the scent. Hand It To Me says “fruitlicious,” but it’s not fruity smelling. To me it’s an earthy/ floral scent with a hint of spice. Hand It To Me costs $7.99.

Bathing Beauty

This Bathing Beauty moisturizing bubble bath & wash is also moisturizing and has great lather. One problem…it has the same scent as the hand cream. This product costs $9.99.

Overall Thoughts: Ginger & Co. products are great, but you have to like the scent. This is definitely just my personal preference because these products and their scent have great reviews on the Ulta website. Just take a quick sniff before you purchase them. I hope they are like Soap & Glory and expand their line to add more than one scent.

Ginger & Co. appears to be a pretty brand new company because I can’t even find a website. The complete line only consists of 6 items. If you’re interested in purchasing check or your local Ulta store.

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