Hello Kitty Patent Embossed Stripes Bag

Hello Kitty Loungefly bag

I am in love with my limited edition Hello Kitty Embossed bag from Loungefly. I'm really picky when it comes to purses, so read all the details on this one here if you're thinking about buying one.

Monday April 22 2013


I’ve wanted a Hello Kitty Patent Embossed bag for years now.  Anytime I go to New York City, I try to go to the Sanrio store and I’ve seen these bags there. They come in a whole array of colors. I could never bring myself to spend $85 on a purse and couldn’t decide on a color. Recently, I got my tax return and saw the limited edition stripes bag was released. I finally decided to purchase one!

Loungefly packaging

The purse came wrapped up in tissue paper inside a Hello Kitty bag. I really love that it comes with it’s own drawstring bag for storage.

Hello Kitty Embossed Bag

When I use this bag, I always get compliments. Even my friends and co-workers that aren’t Hello Kitty fans, noticed this bag and said they liked it. This bag from Loungefly has a hard shell type of aspect to it, which some women might not like. However, I hate floppy lifeless bags. I feel like my Hello Kitty embossed bag protects everything inside it from getting smashed or broken.

Loungefly Loves Hello Kitty

What I really love about this bag is all the small details. I really don’t like plain, boring purses. I appreciate all the little things that make this a quality one.

Hello Kitty details

Hello Kitty is everywhere you look on this!

Hello Kitty bow

I love this bow feature! It’s removable, but there’s no way I’ll take it off. So cute! The patent finish of this bag made it a little hard to photograph. This bow looks like it’s a different shade of pink, but I assure you it matches perfectly.

Hello Kitty zippers

It even has Hello Kitty zipper pulls!

Hello Kitty purse

I was really surprised by the size of this bag, so I wanted to include a photo that shows it in comparison to my hand. Websites list measurements, but it’s still hard to picture it in your head. When I received this in the mail I was impressed. You can fit everything and more in this purse. Inside it has one larger zipper pocket as well as 2 smaller pockets to slide things into. The one PERFECTLY fits my iPhone, so I never have to dig around looking for it.

Obviously, the pink and black stripes don’t match all of my outfits, but I love this bag and don’t regret purchasing it. I tend to wear a lot of black pants to my job, so I make it work. Loungefly has this style in pretty much every color with matching wallets.

There are a few different styles too. I know a limited edition polka dot bag came out with this stripes one. I’m not sure how limited, this limited edition was, so they may be sold out. Check out the Hello Kitty embossed collection on Loungefly.com.



Hey Cristine! It was $80. This striped design was limited edition and I’m not sure if it’s still available. They have all different colors though.

AdrienneNovember 10, 2013

how much

cristineNovember 5, 2013

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