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On a recent trip to the store something caught my son's eye. It was Jingle the husky, a Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy. Read more for what my son and I think about this little pup.

Wednesday December 12 2012

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I received a $25 Target gift card from my employer and being the nice mom I am, I let me son use it. After walking around the toy section for awhile, Hayden decided on a set of monster trucks. As we walked by the media/electronics section something else caught his eye, Jingle the husky pup. Jingle is a Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy.

I never really thought about getting my son this, but he really wanted it. It’s cute so I said okay. Jingle the dog, with book, CD, and DVD, costs about $35. I thought that was a decent price so all that he comes with.

As soon as we got home, we had to test Jingle. All I had to do was pull a tab and click his ear ‘On.’  We read the story book and when I said the sentences in red, Jingle made different noises.  Hayden thought it was the neatest thing and is now obsessed. He’ll just walk around with Jingle saying the sentences that he knows it will react to and even sleeps with his new puppy.

The book that came with Jingle was called “Jingle All the Way.” I believe there are other interactive Jingle books, including one with a girl dog, Bell. There are also other interactive story buddies available from Hallmark. So, they’re a great gift for any time of the year.

The only down-side to Jingle is that there were some times when he wouldn’t react. If I didn’t say words clearly enough or there was other noise, he would not bark or cry.  I was worried about Jingle reacting to Hayden, but luckily he does. I would probably only recommend this for children, that are old enough to clearly say the trigger sentences. Otherwise, they might get upset if their buddy doesn’t react to them.

If you have a 4 or 5 year old and need one more Christmas gift for them, definitely check out Jingle and his friends.  I’m going to be taking a trip to Hallmark to look for other Jingle books.


Do your kids have an Interactive Story Buddy?


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I got my niece this for Christmas. She loves it.

AlisonJanuary 22, 2013

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