June 2013 Birchbox

June Birchbox

I haven't been super thrilled with my Birchbox samples the last few months, but this month the Birchbox team has redeemed themselves! 'Read more' to see how!

Monday June 10 2013


I haven’t been super thrilled with my Birchbox samples the last few months, but this month the Birchbox team has redeemed themselves!

June Birchbox

First of all, they actually switched up their packaging. Both the pink outer package and the brown box have updated logos. I like the new look!

Birchbox NewLook

The theme for June was Wanderlust. “When wanderlust strikes, it sticks. That’s why this month’s box is filled with samples from near and far that will serve you well on all your summer adventures.” Here are the fabulous samples that were inside…

Klorane Shampoo

I’m a fan of dry shampoo, so I will definitely use this sample of Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. My red hair fades quickly, so I try to not wash it every single day. Dry shampoo is perfect for those in between days. This sample is also the perfect size to throw in your purse when traveling or for an over-night bag!

Lil Lip Duo

I was really happy to see this adorable lip pencil by LAQA & Co. in my June Birchbox. The full-size Lil’ Lip Duo costs $16. I love Tarte Lip Surgence and this reminds me of those. It’s smooth, satiny, and minty. I also really love the pink color I received.


Color Club Wanderlust

I think this is the third Color Club nail polish I’ve received in a Birchbox. I don’t mind getting nail polish, because I’m likely to use it eventually or give it to my mom. This is called Mod in Manhattan and is part of the Birchbox Wanderlust Collection.


I’m somewhat of a bath & body product hoarder and I’m always looking for the best products to add to my skin case routine. For those reasons, I’m looking forward to try out this Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It has a pretty good lemon scent.

Nautical Twistband

If you know me then you know I never wear my hair in a pony tail while in public. Oddly enough, this is my favorite item in this box. Why? Because I do put my hair up when I’m getting ready in the morning or if I’m running and these Twistbands are the best! They are so much better than regular hair ties and they look cute when on your wrist. I had one from a previous Birchbox, but I lost it. This sail boat one is part of a Birchbox exclusive Nautical collection. I’m obsessed with mermaids, shells, anchors, and anything nautical. I’m pretty sure I need to buy this $14 collection.

Birchbox Postcards

As an extra, post cards were also included. I, of course, love the New York one.

THANK YOU BIRCHBOX! Typically, I’m disappointed, but the June box rocks! I hope the packaging changes and awesome samples this month are setting the stage for good changes (good boxes) in the future.


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