Lipstick Queen: Hello Sailor

Lipstick Queen by Poppy

Is it lipstick or lip balm? Does it make your lips blue? Find out all the details on this unique lip product from Lipstick Queen here.

Thursday August 7 2014


I bought this interesting lipstick months ago and now that I’m in a summery/vacation mood I decided to share a quick review of it.

Lipstick Queen Review

Lipstick Queen is a brand that you can find online or at Ulta and if you frequent the store you’ve probably seen the tester of this blue lipstick in a blue tube.

Hello Sailor

First, get a look at this box! Of course, my love of all things nautical means I adore the packaging of Hello Sailor lipstick.

Lipstick Queen

The one side even has a cute sailor pinup graphic. As the Lipstick Queen website states “turn nautical into ‘naughty cool’ with this new lip phenomenon!”

Lipstick Queen by Poppy

So, why is Hello Sailor a lip phenomenon? It’s blue lipstick that does NOT make your lips blue. Yes, it is a navy blue sheer lipstick that tints lips with a berry tone. Because of the berry/blue tones teeth appear whiter which is a bonus for a soda addict like me.

While Hello Sailor is called a lipstick it has more of a lip balm texture and contains pure Vitamin E which keeps lips ultra-moisturized. It’s balm-like qualities makes me question if it really should cost $25, but I do like this product. Somedays I wear it alone for the blackberry shade and sometimes I pair it with other lip sticks or lip glosses to create unique colors.

To see the magic of this product on different skin tones, visit the Lipstick Queen website.

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