Model in a Bottle Review

No More Touch Ups

Setting sprays are a part of my daily beauty routine, especially during sticky summer months. So, I decided to try Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray. Read more to see how it holds up.

Wednesday July 23 2014


I had never heard of Model in a Bottle until Kandee Johnson (YouTube beauty guru) mentioned it in one of her videos. She swore by the Sensitive Skin Setting Spray so I decided to place an order in hopes of being one step closer to flawless makeup.

Model in a Bottle Review

Despite Kandee’s recommendation to purchase the Sensitive Skin formula, which comes in a purple bottle, I decided to purchase the Original because it’s in a pink bottle and my skin isn’t all that sensitive. Well, I should have listened. With the first use of this spray I knew I made a mistake. It smells overwhelmingly like alcohol despite the claim of “has a fresh clean scent.” Turns out that SD Alcohol 40B is the first ingredient which may explain why I had to close my eyes tight and hold my breath the few times I’ve used this.

Makeup Setting Spray Matte Finish

My other issues with the original formula is that it’s too drying. I have combination skin (although over the past year it’s becoming less oily.) This spray dried up my skin throughout the day. My makeup would still be on, but it didn’t look model-like because my skin underneath was turning dry and flaky.

Model in a Bottle

If you have the oiliest skin in the world and no setting spray has ever worked, then maybe this is for you. Anyone with dry, combination, or moderately oily skin may want to purchase the Sensitive formula since I have seen rave reviews. That said, I haven’t purchased the other formula yet as it also contains alcohol which makes me hesitant.

No More Touch Ups

The Original Model in a Bottle formula costs $18 plus shipping and the Sensitive Skin formula costs $21. If you dare, you can purchase both online here. For a little extra money, I’d suggest checking out Urban Decay’s sprays: De-Slick and All Nighter.

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