Nails of the Week: NFL Team Spirit


Football season is back! For the girly girl that I am, I'm very into professional football. So, this week I had to show my team spirit on my nails.

Monday September 9 2013


Football season is back! For the girly girl that I am, I’m very into professional football. Just wearing a jersey for the season opener didn’t seem like enough. I decided to show my team spirit all week on my nails!

KK Nail Decals

My favorite team is the Tennessee Titans. They aren’t a super popular team compared to some others which made it a little difficult for me to find anyone who sold Titans nail decals. Luckily, I came across KK Nail Decals on Etsy. Not only did she offer Titans decals, but there were plenty to choose from.

Titans Nail Decals

I decided on a set that only cost $3 since I wasn’t sure how they were going to work out. There were 15 different design choices for the ones that were $3 and shipping was fast.

Titans Nails

For the cost, I couldn’t be more happy with how these turned out! With a set of colored logos and a set of black and white, I have plenty of decals to re-create this look a few times throughout football season. I even did some experimenting on my other hand because a few of my nails broke and are short. I thought the black and white logos turned at an angle looked pretty neat.


I don’t have the nicest nails, but I like these Titans decals a lot. This was my first time using this type of nail decals. They aren’t stickers, you actually stick them in water and apply them like a temporary tattoo. Don’t worry, they do come with helpful instructions.


Check out KK Nail Decals to see if decals are available for your favorite NFL team. Not a football fan? KK Nail Decals offers other fun decals too.


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