Off-Topic Thursday: Andrew McMahon


Andrew McMahon is one of my favorite musicians. You may know him from Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin or his Emmy nomination. This week I got to see him live for the second time.

Thursday July 25 2013


Earlier this year, I got to see Andrew McMahon perform live for the first time. I love his music, but seeing him playing piano and singing in person is truly amazing. He is so talented and passionate about what he does.

I decided to see him again to round out my birthday week. The venue Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem, PA was really nice and this time I was able to get a lot closer to the stage. I only had about 2 people in front of me which was nice. My photos aren’t as good as the ones I took of The Used at Warped Tour because of the lighting, but I figured I’d share anyways.

If you’re an Andrew fan and wonder what he plays at his shows, I’m happy to tell you that he does an awesome job of mixing old and new. His set list varied slightly between the two times I saw him which I enjoyed. He plays oldies like Konstantine and If U See Jordan all the way up to songs from his new EP like Synesthesia and Catching Cold. Of course, he doesn’t leave out Jack’s Mannequin songs likes La La Lie, Dark Blue, Holiday from Real, Swim, and The Resolution.





Yes, he stood on his piano multiple times and even danced on the keys.

If Andrew McMahon comes to a town near you in the future, I highly recommend going. He’s been through a lot and is just inspirational. The ticket prices are always reasonable at around $30. If you’ve seen him perform live, leave comments below and let me know what you thought!

The Pop Underground EP

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