Off-Topic Thursday- Centralia

Wandering on abandoned highway

Not a review and not related to fashion or beauty...interesting off-topic fun!

Thursday July 12 2012

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As if beauty, fashion, and kid’s products weren’t enough for me to write about, I decided to do Off-Topic Thursday posts from time to time when I go somewhere interesting.

This post is about Centralia, PA. It is a community that was abandoned because of underground mine fires. All buildings were knocked down leaving just streets and sidewalks that go nowhere. There are a few people that refuse to leave, so there’s a couple homes on the one side of the town.

There are cemeteries and a section of highway that was abandoned due to cracks and buckling caused by the mine fires underneath. The ruined part of Route 61 is covered in graffiti. Most of the graffiti is inappropriate, but it’s amusing. There’s some pretty neat artwork as well.

I went in July and there were spots where I could see the smoke (and dangerous gases) coming up from the ground. I’d like to go back when the weather is cooler, so I can really see it smouldering.

This deserted mining town was the inspiration for the movie, Silent Hill.

Photos courtesy of myself and Patrick Gensel.

Have you even been to Centralia?!



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I’ve never been to Centralia, but I definitely want to sometime!
It’s on my bucket list.

Louis GoeringerOctober 11, 2012

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