Physicians Formula Nude Wear Review

Nude Wear Line

I'm obsessed with basically anything that has bows on it so I just couldn't resist trying out some of the New Nude Wear products from this drugstore brand.

Monday February 17 2014


When I was a teenager, my holy grail makeup product was a Physicians Formula loose powder. From time to time, I still purchase their new products that grab my attention. Well PF certainly got my attention with their new Nude Wear line that features packaging with BOWS!

Nude Wear Line

Glowing Nude Powders

The Nude Wear line offers Nude Powder, Nude Blush, and Nude Bronzer. I purchased the Rose Blush for $12.99 and Light Bronzer for $14.99.

Nude Glow brush

 The powder compacts feature a mirror and brush in the bottom.

Light Bronzer

These Physicians Formula powders all say “Nude Wear” in shimmer (above.) After a few uses this is gone (below). I understand that this looks good as far as marketing, but it makes the first uses very shimmery and future uses shimmer-free.

Light Bronzer 2

Each powder features 4 different shades that blend together for one glowing color. I swatched each square separately on my fingers.

Light Bronzer Swatches

I purchased the Light Bronzer since I have fair skin. It’s name is definitely fitting because this powder is a very light/nude bronzer. This is good for a subtle glow, but I’m not sure it’s enough for me during the summer months.

Rose Blush

 The 4 shades of the Rose blush are really pretty.

Rose blush Swatches

If you don’t like a golden bronze glow, this is a good choice for achieving a subtle pink glow. It’s not super pigmented so unless you keep layering this on, it won’t look bright.

Touch Of Glow

I also purchased the Nude Wear- Touch of Glow in Nude Glow for $12.99. This can be used as a concealer or highlighter.

Nude Wear concealer

It is a tube that twists at the bottom and distributes product out of the brush. I was worried this would be too dark for my skin tone when I saw it in the packaging, but it’s actually not as dark as it looks.

Touch of Glow Swatch

If you’re looking for a concealer for under eye dark circles, I wouldn’t recommend this. For a little more money, you could buy a higher end product that has better coverage. However, if you want an affordable product with minimal coverage, this would be okay.

Overall Thoughts: The packaging is my favorite part of the Physicians Formula Nude Wear products. I’m not sure I’ll repurchase any of these items. They certainly aren’t bad, but they’re not for me. I would recommend the Nude Wear line to someone who is a cosmetics newbie or to someone that only likes to wear minimal, natural looking makeup.

If you want to check out Nude Wear products for yourself, you can find them at your local drugstore or Ulta.

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