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Tired of the same old pinks and corals when it comes to blushes? Try purple for a pop of color in Spring!

Monday March 31 2014

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I have various pink, coral, red, orange, and bronze blushes but I decided I wanted something different. I got it in my head that I needed a purple blush which isn’t something you can easily find at the drug store.

Mufe Powder blush

It took some online research, but I found a truly purple blush right on Sephora.com from one of my favorite companies, Make Up For Ever.


Mufe lavander blush

Lavender 9 is a vibrant matte lavender powder. In fact, it looks more like an eyeshadow than a blush.

Mufe 9 swatch

purple blush swatch

This  MUFE lavender blush has great pigmentation and the color lasts all day. When I apply it, I feel like it has a slight pink tone (and doesn’t look like clown or Halloween makeup.)

Blush application

This formula is blend-able and build-able. If you want really purple cheeks, you can certainly achieve that look. If not, you can apply lightly for a more subtle pop of color.

Mufe Lavander on SJSC

In these photo I applied more than I typically would. I received some questions about this blush when I posted pics on Instagram and Twitter so I thought I’d try to make it noticable in my photos.

 Lavender Cheeks

Make Up For Ever also makes this powder blush in a few other unique colors like Sunflower Yellow and Irish Green. I’m not sure I could rock those shades, but maybe you can!

Mufe Lavander

The only downside to this powder blush is the size, because it’s pretty small in comparison to other brands that I own. Although this is compact as far as packaging goes. For $21 you get just the powder blush, no mirror or brush.

You can get Lavender 9 and other fun MUFE powder blushes from Sephora here.

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Ha I thought I was the only one doing the purple blush and other “different” colors. That one u have is pretty and yes it does sick it don’t come with a mirror at least… I just got a Marc Jacobs blush in 212 outspoken and it came with a mirror… It’s a beautiful purple/pink/lilac color.

CaseyMay 7, 2014

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