Recycled Toy Cars- Earth Day Project

Love The Earth

I decided to share my son's Earth Day recycling project for other parents who may need some crafty inspiration. Whether you need ideas for a school project or just want to teach about recycling, if your children have Lego men they will like this idea!

Tuesday April 22 2014


Love The Earth

My son, Hayden, is in Kindergarten and had to do an Earth Day project. I’m not very crafty and had to do some Google and Pinterest searches to get ideas and inspiration. After showing Hayden some options, he chose “toy” cars for Lego men.

Earth Day Lego cars

What we used:

Toilet paper rolls
Acrylic craft paint
Soda bottle caps
Small plastic bathroom cups
Hot glue gun

Recyling Project car

back of Lego car

Don’t have extra buttons? Don’t drink soda? Use whatever you have around the house and get creative!


What recycling projects have you done with your kids?

Lego cars

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