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"My Responsibility Chart"

Chore charts are a fun and easy way to teach your child responsibility and give them a chance to earn rewards. However, it's actually hard to find a really nice one. Luckily, I found one a couple months ago and purchased it. This is definitely a review that every parent needs to check out.

Tuesday August 9 2011

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A few months ago, I decided to try to find a chore chart for my son. He’s a pretty well-behaved kid, but I thought a chore chart would help him be just a little bit better. It would also encourage him to do things like brush his teeth, so he wouldn’t argue about it everyday. I looked on eBay and various other websites, but couldn’t find a nice one. Then, I found one on One Step Ahead’s website.

This Responsibility Chart is really great. It’s big, machine washable, everything easily Velcros on, and it actually looks nice in your home. You can hang it in your child’s room, on the back of a door, or really anywhere in the house because it doesn’t look cheap or ugly.

It’s cloth, embroidered, and you velcro the responsibilities, rewards, and stars on. My son likes to help put up the gold stars he earns. There are pockets that hold the chore and rewards tags, so they won’t get misplaced. In the “My Reward” spot you can simply velcro one of the tags or you can slide in a photo of something that your child wants.  There is even a “My Star Goal” spot. Some of the gold stars come with numbers, so you decide on the goal that needs to be reached in order to earn the reward and stick the numbered stars on.

The following picture shows the responsibility tags the chart comes with. (Click to view larger.)

There are chores for all age groups, so you can use this chart for years. My son is still 3 so we typically just do the chores such as brush my teeth, try not to whine, put away my toys, etc.  If your child is school-aged then there are chores such as do my homework.

The next picture shows the reward tags that are included with the chart.

Don’t see a specific chore or reward that you would like for your child? Don’t worry, the chart also comes with 10 blank tags, enough to customize chores and rewards. You can simply write on them with a marker, print out a label and stick it on, or if you’re crafty you can use craft glue and make a really neat one.

As I mentioned, there are pockets to hold all these tags. You also don’t have to worry about losing stars because there is a cute little star pouch attached to the bottom of the chart as well.

This chart has everything covered. There really isn’t anything that they didn’t think to include. It’s even on a wooden rod with a string, so you don’t need to buy anything in order to hang it up. (Just need a hook or nail.)

Want the chart to be customized with your child’s name? You can have that done for an extra $5. I didn’t get my son’s chart customized because I want to be able to use this chart in the future for my second child.

The only downside to this product is the price, but I paid it and don’t regret it. This Responsibility Chart costs $34.95. It’s a high-quality product and you can use it for years and years. Plus, $34.95 for your child to behave better is probably worth it to most parents. If not, keep your eye on it and wait until there’s a sale.

You can purchase this product here.

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Oh this looks like a great idea! I was in “Teacher’s Corner/Kidsmart” today, a local store for well exactly what it says, and well I couldn’t find anything I liked for this specific utility!
Glad you reviewed it, I’m totally going to purchase one now for my Four year old. Getting her to do things like pick up her toys or make her bed sometimes is a chore in itself.

Alyse McKeeAugust 26, 2011

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