Tarte CC Primer Review


Tarte recently released a new stick CC primer and I decided to try it over the last few weeks. Read more to see if I think it will work for you.

Friday April 4 2014

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I was running low on primer and was intrigued when I saw Tarte’s new CC Primer so I thought I’d try it out.


Tarte’s colored clay CC primer claims to brighten appearance of skin, even skin tone, blur the look of imperfections and help neutralize the appearance of redness and discolorations.

CCPrimer Fair

This stick primer is unique because it contains triangles of green and lavender. If you’re not familiar with colored concealers, green usually helps with redness while lavender helps cover yellow or discolored skin. However, one of the main reasons I think this primer doesn’t meet it’s claims is because of the colors.

While green and lavender may help on their own, they don’t do anything when not only mixed together, but mixed with the orangy flesh tone. Which brings up my next con. I purchased the CC Primer in Fair, the lightest color available, and it’s still fairly dark.

CC Primer swatch

Here is a swatch of the primer on my arm. You can barely see the green and lavender. You can also see how much darker this is than my skin.

Tarte CC Primer blended

Here’s what it looks like when blended and buffed out. Tarte claims you can wear this product alone or under foundation. It does make my skin feel smooth and powdery. However, I would never wear this alone. It doesn’t do enough to cover discoloration or blemishes. Tarte CC Primer provides minimal coverage.

Tarte Colored Clay Primer

Another issue with this product is that after a few hours it seems to collect in any fine lines. Now I’m only 25 so I don’t have wrinkles, yet this finds a way to collect around my nose and in my laugh lines. Finally, it’s pretty small for $34.

Overall Thoughts: If you have fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin then don’t buy this. If you suffer from acne or redness, don’t buy this. Who is Tarte CC Primer good for? Someone who has good skin and likes minimal coverage.

Personally, I think I’m done trying stick primers. I was not fully satisfied with this one or Benefit’s Stay Flawless primer. Gel primers seem to work best with my combination skin.

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I felt the same way about this one. And the benefit stick one was awesome for keeping it on, water proof and all… But was so Cakey to me and seemed to settle into areas I don’t want it too. My fav is smash box color correcting primer (organge one, not the green) because it truly is color correcting. ;)

CaseyMay 7, 2014

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