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Tarte Exposed

Tarte LipSurgence are some of my all-time favorite lip products, but how do their new Power Pigments compare?

Wednesday March 12 2014


Tarte LipSurgence are some of my all-time favorite lip products and I had no idea new ones were released until I walked into my local Sephora. I was so excited I almost squealed and then obnoxiously swatched every single new shade on my hand.

Tarte Power Pigment box

If you’re already familiar with LipSurgence products these are similar in the sense that they are crayon-like and minty. However, there are some differences. The new ones, which are part of the Spring 2014 line, are called Power Pigment. These are “punched up” lip tints with bolder colors.

Tarte Exposed

I purchased a nude pink called Exposed. I don’t have many nude lip colors and I like this one a lot. It doesn’t make me look dead or sickly.

Tarte True Love

I also fell in love with True Love. It’s a gorgeous sheer watermelon color that has great shine.

Tarte Power Pigment Swatches

The new LipSurgence line has great pigmentation. They are also not sticky at all. Need more benefits? How about the fact that they contain Vitamin E and shea butter.

LipSurgence Comparison

The most obvious difference between the new Power Pigment products and the previous LipSurgence products are the size. Power Pigments are taller and skinner.  According to Tarte’s website,  “the sleek, ‘skinny’ packaging allows for the most precise application of your favorite color while minimizing waste and your carbon footprint.”

Overall Thoughts: I love all LipSurgence products because the pencil/crayon form makes application a breeze on the go. You get the ease and shine of lip gloss with great color and no stickiness. These require no liner and you don’t need a sharpener, they simply twist up. They’re pricey at $24, but I love them. I always have these in my purse. I once left a LipSurgence in my car in the middle of summer and it didn’t even melt! If you can splurge on one lip product, it should probably be these.

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