Skinny Jeans & Sippy Cups was a fun idea thought up by me, Adrienne.

A year after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree, I was still struggling to find a full-time job, so I decided to use my love of writing and guilty pleasure of shopping to do something productive. Skinny Jeans & Sippy Cups was created in April of 2011.


I’m the mother of a sweet and funny 7-year-old boy named Hayden. He plays football, loves Minecraft, and makes me a proud mom each and every day.


I enjoy providing my opinions and like that I’m able to share great products with others or warn them about products they shouldn’t waste their money on.


All posts on this blog are my honest opinion. I am not paid to write reviews and I purchase these products. If I receive items for free, I clearly state it in that review.


I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to find me on Instagram and Twitter @sjscblog.