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Benefit Cosmetic's watt's up

Is your skin looking a little dull? Watt's Up is a highlighter that can give you the glow you're looking for.

Monday July 1 2013


It can be oddly nice to tell my readers that I’m disappointed in something or that depending on their needs they shouldn’t waste their money on a product. However, I get much more excited to tell you about products that I love. (Sorry bank accounts and husbands.) Spoiler Alert…this is one of those reviews! :)

Watts Up Packaging

I purchased Watt’s Up in March. At this point, I don’t even remember why. Probably just because Benefit is my favorite cosmetics company. As soon as I opened the product, I thought the packaging was ingenious. If you read my reviews, you know that packaging does matter to me.

Watts Up Review

While there’s nothing crazy about the packaging, I like that it’s called “Watt’s Up” and has images of light bulbs. (Makes sense.) The packaging also resembles that of light bulb packaging.

Benefit Watts Up


So, why is this product called Watt’s Up? It is a highlighter that turns on “watt” ya got with a delicate champagne glow that’s gorgeous. With a cream-to-powder finish…it’s a switch on “wow” for all complexions.

Watts Up Sponge

I also like that this highlighter comes with a sponge applicator right on the end. You can swipe this on and use your finger or the sponge, depending on your preference.

Watts Up Swatch

Watt’s Up is a pretty champagne color that can work on all skin tones. You can apply this directly on your skin or over your makeup. It goes on smoothly either way. Not sure where to put highlighter? Try your cheekbones, brow bones, and on the bridge of your nose.

My only negative…

Broken Watts Up

In throwing this product in my makeup bag, it somehow broke. I can still use it, but it comes apart where the product side and the outer packaging/sponge side come together. Be careful if taking this traveling. Otherwise, it’s amazing!

Overall Thoughts: I am in love! My #1 holy grail item is Benefit Boi-ing concealer. #2 would be any mascara in general. Watt’s Up has now become my #3 holy grail beauty product. This took me from liking my makeup to loving it. This highlighter makes me look so much more awake and fresh faced. It’s a little pricey at $30, but I’ve been using mine every day for over 3 months and barely put a dent in it. I highly recommend this product!



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