Wonder Lip Paints

Wonder Lip Paint

For my readers that think I review too many high-end products, this is the start of Dupe Week! Affordable alternatives to makeup you see all over blogs, YouTube, and social media. First up, Wonder Lip Paints which are a fraction of the cost of OCC Lip Tars.

Monday March 23 2015


I decided to do Dupe Week; three blog posts about affordable alternatives to high-end cosmetics. First up, I’m continuing the Alice in Wonderland theme from my last post with J.cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints. Their names are Wonderland inspired and you may notice they look similar to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars.

Occ Liptar

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Lip Tars in my Sephora online shopping cart, but never brought myself to buy them at $18 each. So, while I can’t personally speak to exactly how similar they are in every aspect, Wonder Lip Paints will do the job if your budget cannot allow for an OCC purchase.

Wonder Lip Paint

OCC offers over 70 Lip Tar shades in different finishes while J.cat offers about 35 shades. Both brands have nudes, dark shades (even black,) and bold color choices (like yellow and blue.) I tried to order a range of Wonder Lip Paints while still getting colors I’d actually wear.

Jcat Mimsy

Mimsy (WLP106)

Jcat Tinkling

Tinkling (WLP123)

Jcat ChesDesireCat

Ches Desire Cat (WLP115)

Jcat Pastel Swatches

Mimsy, Tinkling, and Ches Desire Cat on my lips. 

Jcat MadSplatter

Mad Splatter (WLP113)

Jcat Red Queen

Red Queen (WLP131)

Jcat RedPotion

Red Potion (WLP111)

Jcat Red swatches

 Mad Splatter, Red Queen, and Red Potion on my lips.

Wonder Lip Paints aren’t drying and I’m happy with how they apply. Unlike OCC Lip Tars, they don’t come with a lip brush, but I was able to apply these with my finger. The only one I struggle with is Red Potion because it isn’t as opaque as the others. Red Potion needs to be applied evenly or some spots are a deeper red than others.

A con of Wonder Lip Paints is that they’re not long-lasting. They last a few hours and then just leave a little stain of color. However, I must say that a little goes a long way so one little tube will provide you with many applications and re-applications for only $4.99.

You can see all the available Wonder Lip Paints here and if you’re wondering where my Alice in Wonderland background is from? It’s my awesome Paper vs. Glue box!

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