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Are you and your dry winter skin searching for a new primer? How about a hydrating, silicone-free option that smells like delicious coconuts? Look no further.

Tuesday January 27 2015


My skin gets extremely dry during the winter months so I was searching for a moisturizing face primer, but I’ve found that I’m not particularly fond of silicone primers (which most primers are.) I like how soft they feel, but they seem to make my foundation settle into any lines on my face. I was excited when I found Too Faced Hangover Rx Replenishing Face Primer.

TooFaced HangoverRx

This primer was released last summer and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more people mention it. (The employees at my local JCPenney Sephora hadn’t even heard of it.) It’s supposed to help remedy your beauty hangover so you look like you drank enough water and got a full nights sleep. That’s right…so read closely college students, moms, or those that just stay up late getting lost in black holes of the internet (aka Youtube makeup tutorials, am I right?)

Hangover Rx benefits

According to the product’s box, it hydrates, smoothes, and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish. This primer is also supposed to promote skin’s elasticity and tone. I don’t know about all of those claims, but it does hydrate and smooth.

Too Faced Coconut Water Primer

Hangover Rx is white and looks similar to a moisturizer. Initially, it feels like a moisturizer too. I can be lazy at 6 am and skip some beauty steps, one of those steps being moisturizer. (Horrible, I know!) I feel like this product is a moisturizer and primer in one which I adore!

Hangover Rx pump

After the hydrating primer soaks in a bit, it feels less like a moisturizer and more like a primer. My skin feels smooth yet almost tacky. It doesn’t feel sticky, but like my makeup will cling to it. I’ve been avoiding drying setting sprays and have noticed that hours into my work days my foundation hasn’t melted off. Yay!

Overall Thoughts: Hangover Rx is infused with coconut water and has to be the best smelling primer I’ve ever used. I also love how hydrating the formula is and it primes my face for concealer and foundation as I’d expect it to. If you have dry skin, an allergy to silicone, or simply don’t like silicone primers, I highly recommend trying Hangover Rx. I think it would work for combination and oily skin too because it’s not a greasy or oily formula. This primer is available to purchase for $32 from Too Faced or Sephora.

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