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Little Things Closeup

I haven't done a post specifically for parents in awhile, so here you go! Here's a list of the games that my son enjoys playing the most.

Wednesday March 19 2014


I know I’ve been throughly lacking with reviews on children’s products for a long time. Since my son has so many toys,  the whole family chipped in and got him his own iPad mini for his 6th birthday. Now I rarely buy new products to review. However, he loves his iPad and I thought I’d share a list of some of his favorite apps.

It’s easy to get lost in all the game options that are out there. These are all available for iPhones and iPads at affordable prices. In fact, most of these are free apps! Some may also be available on Google Play, but I’m not positive. If you have children around the ages 4-9, they’ll like these games.

Minecraft App

My son’s absolute favorite game is Minecraft. He’d play this all day if I’d let him. This game has 2 modes: Survival and Creative.

Minecraft screenshot

You can build structures, go underground to find iron, gold, and diamonds. There are also animals in it. To be honest, I’m not a ‘gamer’ and barely understand all the things that you can do in this game. My son is obsessed with it though and considering you can buy Minecraft toys and clothing, I’d say he’s certainly not the only one.

Granny Smith App

My son, Hayden, also loves Granny Smith. It’s an odd racing type of game that involves a Granny on roller-skates.

Granny Smith screenshot

I may not fully understand the concept of this game, but it’s apparently fun to a 6 year old.

Lego Batman App

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes is the most costly app on this list and takes up a bit of storage. However, Lego + Batman is not something my son can turn down. Although, it’s recommended for ages 9+, my son doesn’t seem to have any issues with it.

Guess Who App

Yes, there’s a Guess Who? App! I loved this game when I was little and it’s fun to see an updated digital version.

Little Dentist App

Little Dentist is a strange game, but fun for kids. It lets them fix characters’ gross dental issues.

Little Dentist screenshot

Fun stickers can even be added to their clean teeth for some bling. Similar to this game, there’s also Nose Doctor and Crazy Shave.

Minion Rush App

Who doesn’t love Despicable Me and the minions?!

Angry Birds Star Wars App

Everybody knows and loves Angry Birds, but the app has various versions like this Star Wars ones that my son likes. Others include Space, Rio, and Seasons. There are even free and paid ones of each.

Little Things App
I saved my favorite for last. Little Things is a search & find puzzle game that I like to play with Hayden.

Little Things Triceratops

You’re given a list of items to find in Triceratops, an owl, and more.

Little Things Closeup

This game can be a little tricky, but there is a ‘hint’ option if you need it.

Important Note: Most of these apps offer In-App purchases so be sure you go into your Restrictions and disable that option. It’s also not a good idea to provide your child with your Apple Store password.




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