Giveaway Preview! FINALLY!


I'm sorry, this is long overdue! Check out this post for preview photos of the giveaway prizes!

Wednesday May 30 2012


This is LOOONNNNGGGG overdue! I truly apologize! I started talking about this giveaway probably back in January and I was so excited to reach 500 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Unfortunately, life happens and blogging was put on the back burner. I don’t want to make excuses, but I started a full-time job and went through a break up. Also, 2 “sponsors” never sent me prizes and I didn’t have a camera. I’m back now though!!!

Thank you to the sponsors that did send prizes, I hope you don’t think I kept the prizes for myself, I did NOT! Please know all prizes are sealed and awaiting their delivery to the winner!

This will be my second giveaway and it will be in honor of 500 Facebook ‘Likes’ and the 1 year anniversary of Skinny Jeans & Sippy Cups, which actually happened in April.

Here are some sneak peek photos! The official giveaway and all rules will be announced shortly. Once again I’m so sorry and thank you all for your patience!!

Nikory Bath Treats

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Lucky 107 Cosmetics

A Life Deliberate Soap Co.

Simply Sweet Skin


Stay tuned for the official giveaway post soon!!!



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