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I first discovered Incoco when I received a sample of their nail appliques in my September Birchbox. I finally placed an order for design ones and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions.

Thursday December 15 2011

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I first discovered Incoco when I received a sample of their nail appliques in my September Birchbox. I really liked them and couldn’t wait to order more when I had money to spare.

On Black Friday, they had 15% off so I decided to make my first actual purchase. I ordered 2 designs and 1 french manicure. This review will only be on the two designs, because I haven’t used the french manicure strips yet. I did review the ones I got in my Birchbox however, those were just a sample and weren’t exactly the same as when you place an order. To see that review click here.

Shipping & packaging:

When I ordered from Incoco, it took only 8 days to receive my package. I ordered during a sale, so that was pretty quick. I am only one state away, so depending where you live it could take longer. Shipping only cost me $1.90 for 3 sets of nail polish strips. I love cheap shipping! I was only expecting an envelope, but they actually came in a box.

Here’s what the individual packaging looks like and a pamphlet I got with my order.

The first design I put on my nails was “Purrty.” I’m not usually an animal print person, with the pink and glitter, they looked so cool on the website. I was disappointed that in person, they really aren’t pink. Only the very inside of the spots were kind of a hot pink color. (The packages are labeled, so I didn’t get the wrong one.)  Here’s what they show on the website.

Here’s how the colors really look.

How long do they last?

This first picture was taken 2 days after I first applied the nail strips. They still look good, no chips. The following picture is on day 10. I decided to take them off after 10 days because they looked grown out.

I do really like these nail polish strips. If my nails hadn’t grown so much I would have kept them on longer than 10 days. They are advertised to last up to 14 days. I did have to replace 1 strip, but one out of 10 is not bad. Plus, I had plenty of extras. The only problem I had with these and the reason one partially came off was that my hair would get caught on them. When I’d shampoo my hair, a strand or two would somehow get under the strips. Besides that they stayed on through hand washing, opening soda cans, etc.

How do you apply them?

Incoco nail appliques are easy to apply. It may be a little tricky, but by your second or third time, you’ll have no problems. They also come with plenty of instructions. Here’s an Incoco Review/Demo video I recorded. Here’s also a photo that explains the application process.

Why do I love these so much?

First of all, I love that I can have perfect polish with NO drying time, NO smudges! I can have amazing designs in a matter of minutes. No spilling nail polish anywhere. You can even get an french manicure, without having to go to the salon! Plus, it’s 3 coats in 1, so no base coat or top coat is needed.

I was also happy to see the cost of them gets you more than just the strips. The following strips cost $8.99, but here is everything I got.

With each set you receive 2 polish remover clothes, a sample, nail file, cuticle stick, instruction pamphlet, silver strip to seal package of left over strips and 2 set of 8 nail strips.

If you’re nails aren’t really long, you can use each side of every strip, therefore having 32! That’s what I do and I have enough of each design to use them twice, plus have extras in case of mishaps. This picture below shows what I mean.

The second design I tried was “Prim and Proper.” It might look black and white, but it’s a pale pink and black houndstooth pattern. I usually wear bright or glittery colors, but I’m loving these!

Do the extra strips dry out?

If you have enough extra strips to do a second manicure, make sure you use the silver sealing strip that is provided or put them in a ziploc bag. These will dry out because they are 100% real nail polish. At first, I had no idea what the silver thing was, it’s a really thoughtful thing for them to include though.

Overall Thoughts:

I love these and will be purchasing more!! I’ve never tried the similar Sally Hansen nail polish strips because I don’t like any of the designs. Personally, I think many of them look like they’re for little girls. Their cheetah print ones aren’t as glittery and their houndstooth design is white and black, a larger print and doesn’t look as shiny.

Incoco has so many awesome designs including glitter ones. They also have all kinds of tips and french manicure sets. Look for my review on the French Manicure strips soon!

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Omg! I used to buy these when I worked at Walgreens and I haven’t seen them since! I’m so glad to know they are still out there, I thought they’d been bought out by Sally Hansen or something because the nail strips have become so popular! Definitely going to be purchasing some!

TiffanyDecember 31, 2011

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