Lush Easter: Bunnies & Bubbles

Lush Easter Bunnies

Want a spring bath experience? Need the perfect addition to an Easter basket? Lush has the bunnies for you!

Wednesday April 9 2014


I love rabbits (so cute!) and Easter-time (ahh Spring!) So, how could I possible resist bunnies from Lush? Obviously, I could not.

Lush Easter Bunnies

I think the Easter bunny would agree that these two bunnies would make the perfect addition to anyone’s Easter basket! Each products are vegan and only cost $6.95.

Lush Carrot Soap

I was excited to get my Carrot Soap in the mail until I unwrapped it…I was a little bummed to see that I got the butt end! Yes, rabbits have cute fuzzy tails, but when you see this product on the Lush website you don’t realize there is a 50/50 chance of receiving the head vs. bum.

Carrot Soap

Regardless of the bunny butt, I do like this soap which has such a unique scent that I can’t compare to any other product I’ve used before. No, it doesn’t smell like carrots. It’s a very tangy and energizing fruity fragrance. Lush calls Carrot Soap a “softening lemon-blackcurrant sudser.” Carrot oil is the 6th ingredient and not only gives this bar its orange color, but helps to cleanse skin. It also contains cocoa butter to soften and moisturize skin.

Bubble Bunny

Just look at this! This Bubble Bunny bar can provide you with 2 bubble baths. While I haven’t brought myself to use this cuteness yet, I can tell you that it smells like delicious vanilla and sweet candy!

Bunny Bar

Bubble Bunny’s blue eyes and yellow tail are even made out of vegan candy! This product also looks different than it does on the Lush website, but what I received is actually better than what I expected.

Bunny bottom

While the bottom is pink, apparently “tiny blue cornflower petals are at the center of this Bunny’s tummy and will swirl about in the tub for the ultimate springtime bathing experience.”

Rabbits seem to be dear to Lush’s heart. Most of their packaging has a rabbit logo as a reminder that they are strictly cruelty-free and fight animal testing.

Visit a Lush store today or be sure to order your bunnies and other adorable Easter products ASAP so they have time to be made and shipped.

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