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Silky Underwear Dusting

My review of Lush's best-selling powder just in time to keep you fresh for summer. Not sure what it's for? I'll give you a list of uses!

Monday June 3 2013

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If you’ve never heard of Lush or been to one of their stores then you’re missing out. (Lush Rock Star soap is my favorite smelling thing in the world.) They’re bath bombs are probably what they’re most known for, but here’s another one of their products that you might want to try out.


Lush Silky Underwear

Silky Underwear is just one of Lush’s Dusting Powders. It is also their first one. It smells of jasmine and vetivert which I find to be very unique (like most Lush scents.) The scent is difficult to describe and at first I wasn’t even sure what to think of it, but now I love it. It’s a sensual and light fragrance that is long-lasting. I can smell this hours after putting it on.

Silky Underwear Review

The best thing about Lush products is that they are made fresh. My Silky Underwear came with a sticker that tells me when it was made, who it was made by and when it should be used by. This is also one of Lush’s vegan products which I know is important to some consumers. (83% of Lush products made vegan.)

Lush Dusting Powder

Dusting Powder is exactly that, a powder. It’s made from grated cocoa butter. A little goes a long way with this powder, so I feel like it will last me a long time. It makes your skin feel super soft and smooth.

Now you’re thinking: what’s the point of a dusting powder? It actually has quite a few uses:

  • Put on your skin for a fragrance that lasts longer than body spray.
  • Apply for silky skin that makes clothes slip on and slip off easier.
  • Put powder anywhere you perspire to absorb sweat.
  • Shake some on your sheets for a fragrant slumber.
  • Shake into shoes to knock out bacteria and odor.
  • Dust a little into your hair to absorb extra oil and freshen up.
  • Sprinkle on your carpet before you vacuum.

Since this product is made fresh and has so many uses, I feel that it is well worth it’s price tag of $6.95. With temperatures rising this may definitely be a product you want to try. Lush also offers dusting powders that contain shimmer!

Lush products are available in over 30 countries. Check out their website to place an order online or find a store near you.

What’s your favorite Lush product?!

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