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For my birthday, I treated myself to unique macarons from Dana's Bakery. Get all the details on these goodies here.

Friday August 1 2014


I don’t remember how I discovered Dana’a Bakery but I’ve been wanting to try their macaroons for some time now. For my birthday, I decided to treat myself and place an order.

Danas Bakery Custom

I ordered the “Build-A-Box” which allows you to customize the amount of each flavor you want. You can get 1 each of 12 flavors or whatever combination your heart desires. I chose 10 flavors and doubled up on two that sounded the best. The 2 flavors I didn’t order were Cookie Dough and Cup Of Joe, they were flavors that just didn’t sound appealing to me.

Danas Bakery

How does a bakery ship macarons? Well, I opened up my box very curious to find out and inside was this purple Dana’s Bakery bag.

Danas packaging

The reusable bag is like a lunch bag with velcro and foil lining. The macarons were even on top of little icepacks. I was very impressed by this and it also explained why I was charged $10 for shipping.


The little clear box of macarons comes with some cards and 2 stickers! The child in me will always love cute stickers.

Cherry Firecracker

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with 10 photos of macarons, but I wanted to include a few. This red, white, and blue macaron is called Cherry Firecracker. It has a star on it and was my favorite flavor of the bunch. Unfortunately, this was the July flavor of the month and now it is August. However, August’s flavor of the month is Cotton Candy! yum!


S’mores has delicious chocolate and marshmallow fluff in between a chocolate and graham shell.

PeanutButter and Jelly

I kind of figured Peanut Butter and Jelly may be an odd macaron, but had to try it anyway. It was my least favorite of the flavors and my son didn’t like it. It certainly isn’t gross, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Fruity Cereal

 Fruity Cereal is a fun looking speckled macaron that is fruity and good. Not the best, but not awful.

Birthday Cake

Besides Cherry Firecracker, my favorite flavor is Birthday Cake. This is the best looking macaron ever! It’s pink and purple with edible glitter plus it tastes like vanilla cake.

Birthday Cake Macarons

I also really enjoyed the Orange Creamsicle, Thin Mint, and Molten Chocolate Mac! Some of the flavors, like Molten Chocolate Mac, have a gooey center. It’s delicious! I definitely recommend American Macarons from Dana’s Bakery. I believe they have a shop in New York, or you can place an order online. I got 12 macarons for $30 plus shipping. This is a little pricey, but I don’t plan on ordering them constantly.

All Dana’s macarons are gluten free and made with almond flour. To see all the flavors and place an order, visit Dana’s Bakery here.

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