Nails of the Week: Houndstooth Twist

Purple Houndstooth Fall Nails

If you're sick of hearing about Incoco from me...sorry not sorry. I love these nail polish appliqués and here's a design from their Fall Collection.

Wednesday October 2 2013


For some reason I’m not very opinionated this week, but reviews will be back shortly. I didn’t do a ‘Nails of the Week’ post last week so I figured I’d post one today.


Incoco came out with a new Fall collection and I had to snag at least one of the designs (for now.) I chose Houndstooth Twist because I just always like this design.

Incoco Houndstooth Twist

These nail appliqués are actually shimmery  which made for some slight difficulties photographing. Sorry, if these pics are a little dark. In person, the shimmery silver and purple is so pretty, but still subtle. I like that these colors are different from what you typically see as Fall shades.

Purple Houndstooth Fall Nails

Another thing I love about Incoco’s Houndstooth Twist design is the mix of both smaller and larger houndstooth. It adds a fun and edgy element to this otherwise classic pattern.

If you’re sick of hearing about Incoco from me…sorry not sorry. I love these nail polish appliqués more than any nail polish ever!



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