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Urban Decay Naked3

The much anticipated Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay is here! I've played with it for a week and am ready to share my opinions on it.

Monday December 16 2013


The much anticipated Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay is here! I LOVE the original Naked palette and I use it often. I’ve even hit the pan on some shades :( I skipped Naked 2 because it seemed very similar to the original, but with more colors that weren’t exactly for me.

Naked 3 consists of 12 all new pinky rose shades! I ordered it the very first day it was available on (which was a pay day. cha ching.) I had it in my hands a mere 4 days later. (High five, Sephora!) Yes, you’ve probably already seen blog posts and YouTube videos about this palette, but I wanted to play with mine first so I could provide my readers with an honest review. Now that I’ve had it for a week, it is time to share…

Naked3 Packaging

While my Naked palette came with a sample size of the original Primer Potion, the new Naked 3 palette comes with a sample pack of 4 Primer Potions: Original, Eden, Sin, and Anti-Aging. Each sample pod supposedly holds about a week’s worth of primer.

Naked3 Palette

I think this packaging is pretty similar to Naked 2 (which I don’t own.) It’s an improvement compared to Naked 1 which was velvety and more flimsy. I was really happy when I first saw this palette, it looks more expensive than the first one did.

Naked3 eyeshadows

AHHHH! The eyeshadows are even prettier than the packaging. Like the other Naked palettes it contains 12 neutrals, lightest to darkest, and a mirror. It also comes with a pretty nice double-ended shadow/blending brush.

Naked3-First 6

The palest color is called Strange. It’s a pale neutral pink matte-satin that’s great for under your brow.
Dust is so pretty!  It’s a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter. I wish this shadow was a little more pigmented, but I know I’ll still use it a lot.
Burnout is a pinky-peach satin.
Limit, a light dusty rose matte, is great for blending.
Buzz is like a darker sister to Dust. It’s metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter.
The 6th color is named Trick. It’s a metallic pinky-copper shimmer with micro-sparkle. This color is also really pretty, I love copper colors.

Naked3- Second 6

Nooner reminds me of a darker Limit. It’s a medium pinky-brown matte and the darkest matte shade.
Liar is a medium metallic mauve shimmer.
The 9th color is called Factory and is a pinky-brown satin.
Mugshot is metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift.
Darkside is a deep taupe-mauve satin.
Blackheart, smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle, is so pretty in person!

Urban Decay Blackheart

I’m not sure any photos do these colors justice, especially Blackheart. I had to try to get a photo that showed the red sparkle in it. Unfortunately, when you apply the color it doesn’t look as sparkly. It’s still a great color for creating a smokey eye though.

Naked3 Swatches1

I almost didn’t want to waste any product on swatches, but I decided to do some quick ones. This is what they look like on bare skin without any primer. (I think they look better if you use primer and a white base.)

Naked3 Swatches2

Honestly, these swatches don’t do anything for these colors. I try to use natural light, but it’s been dark and snowy in PA lately. If you’re unsure about purchasing this and have a Sephora, Ulta, or Macy’s in your area, I recommend checking it out in person. I understand that $52 is a lot of money, but it averages $4.30 per eyeshadow versus the regular Urban Decay price tag of $18 a pop.

I’m happy with this purchase because these are 12 brand new colors that can’t be purchased as individuals or any other palette. Plus, they’re neutrals I can use every day whether I’m going to work or on a date. Naked 3 is not so similar to the first 2 palettes in the sense that these are all rose-toned. I wasn’t convinced that I would like Naked 3 more than the original Naked palette, but I’ve ended up LOVING some of the looks I’ve pulled off with it. Merry Christmas present to myself ;)

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Which Naked palette is your favorite?

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