NEW Baby Lips Crystal

NEW Baby Lips Crystal

Another BEFORE IT HITS STORE review! Maybelline is releasing a new collection of their cult favorite Baby Lips. Check out this sneak peek and find out where you can purchase them online NOW.

Monday June 23 2014


Baby Lips has become such a cult favorite in the beauty industry and I’m excited to say Maybelline is releasing  yet another new collection!

NEW Baby Lips Crystal

Baby Lips Crystal consists of  6 moisturizing tinted lip balms with shimmer. These haven’t hit stores in my area yet, but I managed to order two shades online from CVS.

Baby Lips Crystal 145

Beam of Blush

Baby Lips Crystal 130

Crystal Kiss

I love the pale pink and sparkly packaging of this collection. I bought Beam of Blush, a purple shade and Crystal Kiss a light pink. Other Crystal hues will include coral, mauve, taupe, and bright pink.

Maybelline Crystal Baby Lips

Crystal balm

I love the simplicity of the original Baby Lips products, but I’m also a sucker for shimmer! I like that these balms contain a fine shimmer, not chunky glitter.

Baby Lips Crystal Swatch

As with other Baby Lips, the tint is subtle. Beam of Blush has a pink tint while Crystal Kiss is pretty sheer.

If you’re a Baby Lips addict then these are a must have. Baby Lips Crystal cost approximately $4.49 each. Keep an eye out for them in your local drug stores in July or head over to now where you can order these two shades.


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