October Nerd Block Jr.

Nerd Block Aww Yeah

October's Nerd Block Jr is my son's fourth box and unfortunately the excitement is already starting to fade. Find out why...

Monday October 27 2014


My son received his fourth Nerd Block Jr box. What is Nerd Block Jr? It’s a monthly “mystery package” geared towards boys and girls from 6-11 years old. It’s delivered to your door filled and contains “nerdy” toys, books, collectables, etc. Here’s what my son, Hayden, received this time around.

Ninja Turtle keychain

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle- Donatello keychain. (Valued at $4 CAD, about $3.50 USD.)

Super Mario Mini Figure

Super Mario Mini Figure. (Valued at $2.49 CAD, about $2.30 USD.)

DreamWorks Dragons Book

How to Train Your Dragon Book. (Valued at $3 CAD, about $2.63 USD.)

Pirate Costume Face Tattoos

Pirate costume face tattoos. (Valued at $2 CAD, about $1.75 USD.)

Nitro Grinders

Nitro Grinders. (Valued at $2.50 CAD, about $2.19 USD.)

My son expressed his disappointed in October’s Nerd Block Jr. by saying it “isn’t dry good.” He especially didn’t care about the book or tattoos. He already has a lot of books and likes to pick out his own when his school does Scholastic book orders. He’s also never been that into the How To Train Your Dragon movies.

I’m hoping the next couple months bring better items because canceling a box subscription is more difficult when a child is involved.  However, after doing the math on the Canadian dollar vs. the U.S. dollar, I’m not sure I’m getting my money’s worth unless my son is happy about the toys he receives. I might have to just go to a store like Five Below and create my own little incentive box each month.

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