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This is the Official Giveaway Announcement! This is my first giveaway in honor or getting 200 'Likes' on Facebook. This post covers all the rules and how to enter!

Wednesday June 8 2011



The winner is Lindsay Chastain!! Congrats!



In honor of reaching 200 ‘Likes’ on Facebook I’m having my first giveaway!!

So, here’s the deal.

This giveaway is NOT sponsored by any company or associated with Facebook. Think of it as just a Thank you and giving a friend a little gift! I will do another giveaway when I hit 500 ‘Likes’ and hopefully that one will be sponsored by an amazing cosmetics company and be open internationally. However, this is not that giveaway yet.

Since this is my first giveaway, I’m not doing anything too over the top. The winner will receive a Hello Kitty bag full of various beauty items, including baggie samples of eyeshadows from various indie companies, two full-sized items from e.l.f., sample perfumes, Benefit Cosmetics skincare samples, a pink Sugarpill sticker, and more.  All items are coming from me. They are duplicates or just things that I never opened so I decided to share them. All items are brand new! I wouldn’t give you something that I used or swatched, so don’t worry.

I will do my best to ensure items do not get damaged on their way to the winner, however what happens to the package in the mail is not my fault. If anything is damaged or you do not like something, I’m sorry. It’s just a free gift from me to you. If you have a problem with anything, simply throw it away, it was free. Once again, this giveaway isn’t associated with any of the companies of the products I’m giving you, so do not contact them about this giveaway. If you are allergic to certain cosmetics products then check ingredients before using anything. I have not opened or used these products, so I cannot guarantee anything or be responsible for your use of them. This is just my thank you gift to one lucky winner for their support.

I have to pay shipping costs and therefore, this first giveaway will be open to U.S. residents only! Sorry international friends, I will try to make sure you are included in my next giveaway.

How To Enter:

1. Please ‘Like’ my Facebook page. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, but I will post the winner on Facebook (as well as on here) since most people tend to check that often. By liking my Facebook page, you are more likely to see that you are the winner in case you don’t check your e-mail often.

2. You need to leave a comment on this blog post as your entry. Post a comment on what your favorite cosmetics, fashion, or kid’s product is and why.

3. Winner will be random, chosen by a WordPress plugin I have installed. It chooses a winner from the comments on this post. It also deletes duplicate entries (determined by e-mail.)


U.S. Residents only.

Must be 18 years of age or have a parent/guardians permission to enter.

One entry per person please.

I must receive the winner’s address within a week of them being announced the winner or I will choose another winner. Send address to

Giveaway ends June 20, 2011 at midnight EST. Entries June 20th and before are good. If you comment on this post June 21st, you’re too late.


**All comments on this blog have to be approved first, so don’t worry if your entry comment doesn’t show up right away. I will of course approve all the giveaway comments (unless they are inappropriate.)**


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks!



hmm my favorite makeup product would definetly be eyeshadow im addicted to them i can never have to many!!

Nicole ColoradoJune 21, 2011

I’m rather fond of my UDPP and my wetNwild lipsticks lol my wetNwild lipsticks were $0.49 and they’re amazing <3

Hermelinda DoniazJune 19, 2011

my favorite is by LUSH – Ultra Bland…it takes off all my makeup & leaves my skin oh so soft <3

ChasityJune 19, 2011

Favorite cosmetics?? sooo many, my go to products would be my E.L.F Mineral eye primer it works really well for me and is way cheaper than UDPP I also LOVE Michael Todds longwear cream eyeshadow in Nude I use it as a base and concealer, it works better for me than MAC paint pots :)

Savannah HaddenJune 19, 2011

Hmm. Favorite beauty product is a tough question. I’m a total makeup junkie, and absolutely love tons of products, but my must-have would just be my Burt’s Bees lip balm! :)

AmandaJune 18, 2011

I love Lip Smackers! They totally make me feel like a young girl. It’s really fun now that my 10 yr old daughter likes them too.

Patty HansonJune 15, 2011

My natural skin color is quite pale (with a splash of auburn freckles). So I would be completely lost without my Mary Kay daily glow bronzer beads. I use a kabookie brush to apply across the cheek bones and softly along my T-zone to put a little life back into an otherwise ghostly white complexion.

April :)June 15, 2011

My fave product would be this eyeshadow palette i got at Walgreen’s during the holidays….tons of colors, the possibilities are endless!

Angela TJune 13, 2011

My favorite cosmetics product would have to be my eyeliners; pencil, gel and liquid…can’t live without them, ok so I coul, but who wants to? (:

AmberJune 12, 2011

My favorite cosmetics would probably have to be the liquid crystal lipgloss by jesse’s girl. The reason for this being that I loove the cool holo effect it has. Although it doesn’t show up as well on the lips there was still some evidence of it so I thought it was pretty cool.

AnnaJune 11, 2011

Hi, my favorite beauty product is the Clinique Mascara. I love it!!!

Rocio RinconJune 11, 2011

Fan on Facebook! Anddd My favorite product would have to be my blush from MAC!

MAC- Dainty

I seriously feel prettier with that on! and a bit of mascara haha. :)

Amber DunsmoreJune 10, 2011

My fave beauty product is the Simply Kendra eye shadows!!!! I use them in all my looks! My fave colors from her are Naughty Librarian and E=MC Pink! They are truly amazing! Love your blog!

Jen AshtonJune 10, 2011

My favorite cosmetic product right now is the Mac Surf Baby Crushed Metalic Pigments because i love the colors nd the metalic affect the colors has nd for me it is easy to work with:D

Melissa RamirezJune 10, 2011

I cant live without Olay in shower body lotion!

BethJune 10, 2011

Lately I have been loving my MAC Mineralize skinfinishes, the perfect amount of glow and color. Dior Show mascara is still one of my top makeup picks too, even with my new MAC addiction!

For my girls (2 1/2 and 3 1/2) we love playing dressup, complete with a bit of makeup for fun. They are both looking forward to the new Cars movie too.

My fashion tastes are pretty random, great jewelry, sexy jeans, and cute bags – I like it all to tie together easily as I don’t have much time with the kids around to primp alot.

Risa B.June 10, 2011

My favorite product is my black eyeliner from Victoria Secret. I love it because it stays on forever and is super black. It is also helpful that I can usually get it for free because i spend so much there. I also love Mac cosmetics their eye shadows stay on and they have really pretty lip gloss colors.

Allison DuckerJune 10, 2011

i use sephora mascara. its super amazing. just the base, cheap stuff. and for eye shadow i’m a total MAC girl. love their palettes!

katye rossJune 10, 2011

my favorite cosmetics is bronzers! i lvoe all types of bronzers! i use a lot of makeup all the time for myself and also people i do makeup for! bronzers are a really great way to give a nice dewy finish to your face :D

thanks for this giveaway!!! i really hope i win!

my facebook is : Alyssa Fo—-

AlyssaJune 10, 2011

Absolute favorite indie brand is Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. Its amazing because its also a LOCAL company for me. My other must haves are Time Balm by the Balm, Boi-ing by Benefit, my Sephora foundation, the Two Faced Leopard Love kit, Lancome’s Hypnose Drama and L-extreme mascaras and finally My Beauty Addiction’s Shadow-Poxy. I also love my POSH make up brushes:)

Lindsay ChastainJune 10, 2011

I just got elf cosmetic brushes, and love them. I also really like hard candy eye shadow.

GussieJune 9, 2011

My favorite cosmetics right now are my Hard Candy Sheer Envy tinted moisturizer, my NYC pressed translucent powder, my Maybelline the falsies mascara, and my benefit posie tint and highbeam. I like to keep it pretty basic since it’s so hot now and these products never let me down

My favorite cosmetic brands are BH Cosmetics, Some stuff by M.A.C LA Colors,

I love eyeshadow the most…Being into Costume make-up Eyeshadows are my friends!

As for kids toys I love anything winnie the pooh haha,

Fashion wise? I’m a punk hehe.

CharlotteJune 9, 2011

I dont think I could live without NYX Jumbo eye Pencil in Milk. I know so many people who can’t either. Its one of the most versatile products and its such a good quality for such a small price.

Glyn CocoJune 8, 2011

my absolute favorite makeup is…… urban decay all nighter because i spend an hour and half on makeup everyday and i also spend tons of money on makeup so its nice to have it last all day. love benefit, urban decay, milani, clinique, estee lauder, victorias secret makeup, no7, and much more. i use over 20 brands. :)

casey weissJune 8, 2011

My favorite beauty product is smashbox tinted moisturizer. As the mom of a 3-year old, I don’t have a lot of time for make-up. This product evens out my skin tone and has SPF. I realized it looks more natural than foundation, so I use it for special occasions too.

Judy HeapJune 8, 2011

Favorite makeup product is Stila Lip Gloss….I love most lip glosses and have about 50 different kinds, but Stila is my favorite because it stays longer than most lip gloss without being goopy or sticky. Great sheer colors too that give you a little color without being dark like lipstick. Great for summer!

Alicia P.June 8, 2011

I love Lorac’s eye primer because it is just THAT awesome!

My favorite kid product is the Podee hands free bottle. It is awesome for car rides or for feeding a baby hands free!

Ashley PittmanJune 8, 2011

My favorite makeup product would definitely have to be the Kat Von D. Eye Primer.
I’ve ALWAYS had problems getting eyeshadow and such to stay…. I’ve tried other primers as well (I was excited to try Urban Decay, but it never worked well for me at all!), but this one just works for me. I’ve had eyeshadow last through dance performances, AND all day~!

Sara RichesJune 8, 2011

I adore liquid eyeliner. I am in between companies right now but its the one thing I cannot live without <3

Lana HerreraJune 8, 2011

wow! this is very tough for me to answer because I have a lot of favorite cosmetic products but if I had to choose only one it would be bronzers… the Urban Decay Baked bronzers to be exact! Because not only is it great for contouring but it gives a nice glow to the face. Also it smells amazing! p.s. thanks for this awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed :)

Michelle MongeJune 8, 2011

Nailpolish and eyeshadows are my newest obsessions…HIP and MILANI are my fav drugstore/easy access brands…but I’m quickly learning about better higher pigment, better quality and lower priced fun is out there to play with :D

MommaGroterJune 8, 2011

my favorite product is eyeshadows….and my favorite company is pampered xombie =) They shadows are AMAZING!! and her cosmetic glitters are even better!! they last all day, too.

amanda wilsonJune 8, 2011

Hello kitty is my favorite thing in the whole world

amy rowlingJune 8, 2011

This is a tough one since I dont use alot of makeup, Im definately not a fashionista and my son is 7 so mostly he uses adult products. I would have to go with Jergens Natural Glow lotion. We are going to the beach in July and I am as white as they come. My only color comes from scars and freckles. Lol. I think it works for me because I dont want to lay out and get cancer and/or wrinkles, I dont want to spend alot on tanning beds or spray on tans. Natural Glow gives me some color without looking orange or fake and makes my skin super soft.

Christina ScheibJune 8, 2011

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