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Skin-a-licious is a bath and body company that makes all natural beauty products. The company started because the owner was trying to help reduce her son's eczema. Her soaps have done wonders for her own son and he no longer needs medications. This is my long and thorough review of my first order.

Thursday August 4 2011


Skin-a-licious is a bath and body company that makes all natural beauty products. The company started because the owner was trying to help reduce her son’s eczema. Her soaps have done wonders for her son and he no longer needs medications. I don’t have super sensitive skin when it comes to B&B products, but I know a lot of people do. So, if you are one of them you need to check out Skin-a-licious. The products are designed for sensitive skin, but even if you don’t have sensitive skin, you will love Skin-a-licious products.


My order came in a box. I opened it to find my receipt and there was actually a smaller box inside the bigger one. In the main box were the soaps I ordered, they were in plastic and tied with ribbon. The lotions I ordered were wrapped in purple tissue paper. Inside the smaller box, there were my bubble bars, a free soap lollipop, and three soap samples. The packaging wasn’t over-the-top, but I really liked that the bubble bars and samples were in a smaller box. The bubble bars are probably more likely to break than the other products and I like when companies take a little extra step to make sure products arrive intact.

I didn’t have any problems with the Skin-a-licious packaging, but I do know some people frown upon products not being labeled with their ingredients. Nothing I ordered came with ingredients listed, but I do know you can see the ingredients on the website when you order. So, this isn’t a problem for me, but I’m just putting it out there.


I ordered two 2 oz. body lotions. These cost $3.99 or you can pay $5.99 and get a 4 oz. jar. If you have never purchased indie B&B products, that may seem like a lot for a small lotion, but these prices are on par with all other companies I have purchased from. With all my indie lotions, a little goes a long way.These are moisturizing and not greasy. They are pretty light too, which I like.

I could not order from Skin-a-licious without getting the infamous Marshmallow Gang Bubble Bars. I’m not a bath person, I usually take showers, but I knew my son would love these. I know that scents with vanilla in them turn soaps and bubble bars brown. So, to avoid getting “toasted” marshmallows I tried to pick a scent that would hopefully keep these guys white. I chose Sugar Bubbles and they did arrive white. These are the cutest things ever, they have happy little faces and pink cheeks!

The Marshmallow Gang Bubble Bars are pretty big, about the size of the palm of my hand. You can use a whole one if you like a ton of bubbles, but you can definitely get 3 baths out of each one. They cost $8.99, which is why I would recommend cutting them and getting multiple baths out of them. Why have $8.99 get you two bubble baths when it can get you 4-6?! They are very easy to cut with a knife. The following picture shows what less than half of one of these guys made…

(Ignore my ugly yellow bathtub, I rent a house and didn’t choose this bathtub.) That is plenty of bubbles for my 3-year-old and less than half of one bubble bar made them! My son loved these bubble bars, so they are great for adults and kids! They did start to get a little bit brown after having them for about a week. Depending on the scent you choose, yours may arrive completely brown. So, I was just happy that mine stayed white for the most part. I know a lot of people think it’s cute to order these in the marshmallow scent and are surprised when they look brown.

I also ordered 3 soaps. I got Pink Sugar. It turns brown because of the vanilla in it. It has pink swirls within the brown and neat pink curls on top. It even has a little bit of gold glitter on top, which you can’t see in the photo. I didn’t get to use this soap yet because it’s ready date isn’t until August 10th. All 3 soaps that I ordered cost $5.99.

The amazing blue and pink soap below is Blueberry Blast. Although, I just went on the website and saw that it now says “Blast Berry.” I’m obsessed with the color combo of pink/blue and this soap is Limited Edition so I had to get it. It’s so pretty, with swirls and curls, and circles and glitter! This soap had the ready date of August 1st, but I received a sample of it so I decided to use my sample before cutting into the full-sized soap masterpiece. Blast Berry soap is amazing, you don’t realize from looking at it, but it actually has little exfoliating beads inside of it. The website doesn’t mention it in the description either. It lathers nicely, leaves your skin moisturized and even exfoliates with the little beads that go unnoticed until used.

The third soap I ordered was Psychedelic Citrus. This one is also very eye-catching with yellow, orange, pink, and even green. Like the Pink Sugar soap this also has a ready date of August 10th so I’ve been waiting to use it. If it’s anything like Blast Berry, it’s amazing. (Continue reading below for my opinion of the scents.)

As I already mentioned, I also got some free items with my purchase.



Star Ninja is listed as a “Zesty” scent. I almost always buy fruity scents so I decided to try something new. This scent is described as “a fine touch of Amber and Musk with hints of Eucalyptus, Ginger and Peppermint.” It’s a very unique scent, and I like it. I think Star Ninja is a nice unisex scent.

Sun Beach and Sand’s description says¬† “If you love the beach, then this is simply an ideal scent for you. Sea Salt, sandy scent, with a very slight hint of flora.” It’s listed under “Fresh” and it definitely is. It’s not a powerful scent. It’s very light and fresh. I like it, but its not as strong as I expected.

Bubble Bars:

I chose the scent Sugar Bubbles since they are Bubble bars. When my son and I smelled the bubble bars, they smelled kind of strange. It wasn’t a very appealing scent, but when we used the bubble bars in the tub, it just kind of smelled light and fresh. I probably won’t order this scent again though.


Pink Sugar is a Aquolina type. It smells like I expected it to.

Blast Berry is supposed to smell like blueberry, but I think it smells like blue raspberry. To me, it has the same mouth-watering scent as a Blue Raspberry Dum Dum lollipop. I love this scent and this soap!

Psychedelic Citrus has a citrus scent. It’s appropriately named. I like fruity scents, so I like this one.

Funky Monkey as you can probably guess smells like banana. It supposed to have a mixture of fruity scents, but I mainly smell banana. It’s a nice banana scent though.

True Blood- Eric is a masculine, musk scent. It reminds me of one of the Axe scents. I’ll be giving this soap sample to my boyfriend to use.


You can purchase Skin-a-licious products from their website, which was just re-done. (Click the banner below.) I believe this company is based in New York and I live in PA, so I received my order quickly. I ordered really late on a Monday night and received my package that Thursday, that’s fast!!

I highly recommend Skin-a-licious. I can’t wait until I have some extra money so I can place my second order. I definitely want to order the Zing-a-licious soap! I also would like to get the 13 soap sampler and the Conditioner Bar. Bumble Bee & True Blood- Pam also look and sound good. I basically want to try everything from Skin-a-licious! So, look for more Skin-a-licious reviews from me in the future.

Another awesome thing about this company is that you earn reward points for every dollar you spend, when you have 100 points you can get a $20 gift certificate!

I did just become a Skin-a-licious, so if you plan on ordering from them after reading this review, please do so by following my link below. Money is tight for everyone, but I’d really appreciate if you helped me earn a little extra cash on an order you plan on placing anyway. Thanks!

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