Summer Essentials from Victoria’s Secret

VS Summer Essentials

I have to admit that when my Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Catalog arrived this spring, I gave in and made a purchase. I'm a summer girl and have to try potential essential beauty products.

Wednesday June 18 2014


I have to admit that when my Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog arrived this spring, I gave in and made a purchase. While I’ll never look like their models, I do like cute swimsuits and summer beauty products.

VS Summer Essentials

These products may not be for everyone, but I like wavy hair and giving my pale skin a little bronze glow during the summer months.

VS AllOver Bronzing Stick

I’m actually going to start with the one product that may not be an essential, but it’s worth mentioning so you know you can skip it. It’s the Beach Sexy All-Over Bronzing Stick. It contains light-reflecting mica and sheer bronze tint to create a radiant look for $15.

Bronze Stick Swatch

Bronzing Stick with Radiant Mica

While this stick can give you a golden goddess look, it’s too dry and doesn’t blend easily so you may end up looking like a bronze statue. If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this for you. If you have normal skin you have to be careful to not leave sparkly streaks on your skin. Additionally, if you blend it with your fingers a lot of the shimmer just transfers to them.

VS Instant Bronzing Gel

I bought another $15 Bronze product because Victoria’s Secret was offering a BOGO promotion at the time. This is  Beach Sexy Instant Bronzing Gel with Bronze Shimmer Beads. This product is so neat looking with the ombre beads. I also like that it has a pump.

Bronzing Bead gel

VS Bronze Gel swatch

In this photo, the Instant Bronzing Gel is on the left side of my arm while the Bronzing Stick swatch is the darker line on the right. I like the gel better because it’s more moisturizing, lighter, and contains finer shimmer. I’ve been applying it to my legs every time I wear dresses.

Pink Beach Hair Wave Spray

Two other summer essentials that Victoria’s Secret is offering are from the PINK line and they’re actually the same product just in two different fragrances. I bought Wild in Pink, caribbean mango and violet scented, and Party in Paradise which is exotic orchid and sun kissed vanilla. While I already have a great wave spray, trying new ones doesn’t hurt. Plus, these have cute packaging and smell nice (especially Party in Paradise!)

VS Beach Waves hair

After I shower and towel dry my hair, I spray these on. Then, I scrunch my hair and/or leave it in a braid for a little bit and when it dries I have waves. I’d only purchase these wave sprays when there is a store promo otherwise they’re $18 each and, while I like them, they’re not worth that much.

What Victoria’s Secret products are on your Summer Wishlist? Comment below.


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