Sunbasil Garden Soap- Lego & Instagram

Emmet Lego Movie

What do soap, Legos, and Instagram have to do with each other? Sunbasil Garden! Check out my overdue review on this Etsy shop.

Friday February 7 2014

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Emmet Lego Movie

This review is sooooooooo overdue. I had an “Oh crap!! moment (like Lego Emmet) when I realized I never got this up. So, without further ado, here it is.


Lauren, the brains behind Sunbasil Garden Soaps, makes so many ADORABLE soaps. I’ve purchased a lot of soaps from Etsy/independent shops, but if you want foodie soaps (cupcakes, candy apples, cookies) look no further. If I order cute little food soap, I end up never using it. However, I decided to place an order when I saw Lauren’s “I Love #Instagram” soap and ordered a Lego Men set for my son too.

Lego Soap


The Lego Men soap is pretty self explanatory. They are actual size and look just like little lego men. These are sure to make bath time fun, maybe too fun! Even when showering my son tends to be more play and less scrubbing.


Glycerin soaps aren’t always my favorite, but I’m obsessed with Instagram and had to have this. It has a sweet bubblegum scent and I did end up using the whole bar without any issues.

Instagram Soap

Heart+Instagram logo= cute! I’m a huge fan of handmade soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc. There is thought, love, and time put into them. Check out all that Sunbasil Garden has to offer. Lauren has affordable prices, fast shipping, and includes a free sample with purchases. I bet you’ll end up wanting almost everything in her shop!


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Makes shower and bath time more fun for everyone!

DianeFebruary 8, 2014

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