Wet n Wild- Fergie Center Stage Collection


I'm not particularly a Fergie fan, but I was intrigued when I saw she teamed up with Wet n Wild. I decided to purchase a small array of products from the Center Stage Collection.

Wednesday January 8 2014


I’m not particularly a Fergie fan, but I was intrigued when I saw she teamed up with Wet n Wild. I decided to purchase an array of products from the Center Stage Collection.

Wet N Wild Fergie

From what I hear, Wet n Wild eyeshadows are pretty hit or miss. (It’s not a brand I purchase frequently.) After purchasing these 5-color palettes, I have to agree.

Maldives Sky

Maldives Sky reminds me of a springy/Easter palette.

Maldives Sky Swatches

For the price of $4.99, these shadows have good pigmentation. However, not all palettes (even in the same collection) are created equally.

Metropolitan Nights

 Metropolitan Nights is a neutral palette.

Metropolitan Nights Swatches

The only 2 shadows in this palette that have good pigmentation are the two dark ones which look almost the same. I really don’t think this one is worth purchasing.

Fergie Lipstick

I only purchased 1 creme lipstick in the color Fuchianista.


 I like the lipstick better than the eyeshadows. It is pigmented and only cost $3.49.

Fergie Swatch

I feel like I couldn’t get a photo that was 100% true to color, but it is definitely a bright fuchsia and has good color payoff.

Fergie Shimmer Palette

For a Wet n Wild product $5.99 is on the higher price end, but this Shimmer Palette is a decent size. I think it will last me quite a while.

Rose Champagne Glow Swatch

I’m fairly pale so I purchased Rose Champagne Glow. This is great for creating a shimmery/dewy look. If you want an affordable product to use as a highlight, this is a good choice. You can use this baked product wet or dry.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame looks so cute in the bottle, but is disappointing. It’s really difficult to actually get the stars on your nails. You only get a star or two with enough clear polish for all 10 nails. You also have to put it over a polish color that the pink, purple, and gold stars won’t blend in with. Not worth it’s price tag of $3.49.

Flossy Flossy

Flossy Flossy has better glitter payoff than Hollywood Walk of Fame. With a couple coats you could achieve a completely gold glitter look or you can use this over another color.

Make Them Boys Go Loco

Make Them Boys Go Loco is a sheer black polish with red glitter. I like this because it can be used alone and doesn’t require another polish. However, you do need 2 or 3 coats for the black to look not as sheer.


Glowstick is an appropriate name for this polish. It looks like a neon glow-in-the-dark green. I’m not sure how I feel about the color, but how it looks in the bottle is how it looks on your nails.

Overall Thoughts: If you can only purchase a few products from this collection, I would recommend the creme lipstick and shimmer palettes. In my opinion, you can skip about half the polishes and almost all of the eyeshadows.

Have you purchased anything from Fergie’s Wet N Wild collection?

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