August Nerd Block Jr.

Nerd Block Jr

My son and I have been busy with football practices, back to school, and being sick. August's Nerd Block Jr was a nice prize for him and a way for me to return to blogging. See what was inside...

Wednesday August 27 2014


It’s nice to be back! Life’s just been so crazy lately with football practices, football games, back to school, and illness. Me and my son are finally falling back into a routine though, which means back to blogging!

Nerd Block Jr Box

My son, Hayden, received his very first Nerd Block Jr. box in July. Here’s what he received this month.

SpiderMan ProjectALite

Spiderman Discs

The Amazing Spider-Man Project-A-Lite with 6 discs because little boys love Spider-Man and flashlights!

Star Wars Phone Dangler

AngryBirds StarWars Dangler

Hayden put this Angry Birds Star Wars Phone Dangler on this iPad mini. It also came with two stickers.

Owl Summer Issues

Each Nerd Block Jr. contains a little Owl Kids publication. Last month’s magazine was called ChickaDEE and this one is called OWL. They contain puzzles, mazes, comics, quizzes, and more.

Ben10 FiguresKhyber and Dog

Hayden has been playing with mini figures since he was 3 years old. These Ben 10 characters, Khyber and Dog, will fit right in with all of his other superheroes and cartoon characters.

Skylander Flinger

Skylander Pencil Topper

This month’s box also contained a Skylanders Giants Flingers Pencil Topper. Hayden hasn’t gotten into Skylanders, but he still thought this was cool.

SuperMario Dangler

MarioDangler NerdBlock

The last item in the August box was another dangler. This one is a Super Mario Bros. enemy. Two danglers in one box was kind of a bummer, but Hayden seemed to like everything. We just have to figure out what to do with this little guy.

Nerd Block Jr costs $13.99 a month (plus shipping) and you can subscribe for a boy or girl. Hayden gets so excited and antsy when he knows it’s one the way. As long as he keeps up with good behavior and doing well in first grade, I’ll be keeping the subscription!

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