Benefit Majorette

Benefit's Majorette

Sometimes I just have to break a "No Buy" month to purchase a delicious smelling peach blush...Was it worth breaking my commitment? Check out swatches and all the details here.

Tuesday September 30 2014


Let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for Benefit’s marketing. Their ads are never dull and the models always look fabulous.

Majorette Ad

Plus, their blushes (and many other products) are just amazing. I frequently use Hervana and Sugarbomb so it’s no wonder I decided to break my “No Buy September” and to purchase the new Majorette blush for $28.

Majorette packaging


Majorette is a little different than Benefit’s other blushes because it’s not a powdered blush in a box. It is a cream-to-powder booster blush in cute yellow and orange packaging.

Majorette Sun

Although the above ad shows a flower design on the blush, it actually has an imprinted design that looks like a sun.

Majorette Swatch1

Majorette Swatch2

Majorette is a peppy peach color which can be worn alone or under your favorite blush. In the first photo here I applied it lightly and in the second photo I applied it more heavily.

SJSC Majorette

SJSC wearing Majorette

Overall Thoughts: I love the peachy color of Majorette which is great for all seasons. I think my favorite feature though, is its scent. This blush smells so good, but I think Benefit says it best: “the refreshing ‘pom-pom peach & pomegranate’ fragrance is chock full o’ cheer!”

You can purchase Majorette on your next trip to Ulta or Sephora or online here.

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