A Merry Lush Christmas

Lush Christmas Haul

What do Santa, snow, angels, and hedgehogs have in common? They're all fun Christmas products from Lush! Whether you're searching for an impressive yet affordable Secret Santa gift or you just need a relaxing bath after holiday shopping, Lush has you covered.

Monday December 8 2014


When I saw Lush’s Holiday items, I couldn’t resist buying a few, or six. Luckily, they are still in stock so hurry and place orders so they reach your door in time for Christmas!

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly

I have to start with my favorite product of this haul, Snowman. I had never tried a Lush Shower Jelly before and couldn’t understand how a snowman could fit in a little container.


But this cute, wiggly Snowman does in fact come out of that container without losing his shape. It’s MAGIC!

Shower Jelly Snowman

Surprisingly, Snowman doesn’t have a Christmas scent, but a fruity scent that I really enjoy. He contains carrot infusion and smells like Lush’s Carrot Soap that comes out around Easter. Snowman is definitely an affordable gift option at $6.95. Great for kids big or small! It’s vegan too.

Lush The Christmas Hedgehog

Speaking of cute…look at this prickly, sparkly creature. I don’t know what Hedgehogs have to do with Christmas, but who cares!

Christmas Hedgehog

The Christmas Hedgehog is a bubble bar that creates silky waters scented with soothing lavender and rose for $7.25. I’m not a huge fan of this scent, but I don’t typically love floral fragrances.

Snow Fairy Sparkle

My skin gets so dry in the winter so for $7.95 I decided to purchase this candy shop smelling, pink angel which contains shea butter, cupuaçu butter, and cocoa butter. Snow Fairy Sparkle is a massage bar that melts into the skin. It also has a fondant center with silver luster. (I haven’t hit the center just yet.) I really like the scent of this product as well, but I was disappointed in the bar’s appearance because mine looks sloppier than the photo featured on the Lush website.

Santa Baby Lip Tint

Looking for something merry that’s not a bath product? Santa Baby Lip Tint gives a red pout and smells like cola. I’m a Coca-Cola addict, so that was a major selling point for me. This vegan lip product costs $8.95. Lush also offers a Santa’s Lip Scrub for the same price and cola-flavored too.

Santa Baby Swatch

Santa Baby is sure to stain your lips and can also be used as a cheek stain. Which brings me to a buyer’s beware: it can stain your finger. Additionally, you don’t want to apply this too quickly or without a mirror because that can result in looking like a child that ate a messy red popsicle.

First Snow

Lush Dusting Powders are pretty nifty products that have multiple uses. You can use them on your skin, sheets, rugs, etc. First Snow is a super shimmery Limited Edition version with a fresh, citrus scent.

First Snow swatch

The glitter in this product is plastic free and eco-friendly. It’s incredibly shimmery when first applied, but isn’t as intense once blended all over skin. First Snow costs $7.95.

Reindeer Soap

Reindeer Soap has my favorite scent from this entire purchase. This reindeer imprinted bar has silver shimmer on top and smells like Lingonberry. I don’t know what Lingonberry is, but it sure smells delicious. It’s a perfect example of how unique Lush’s scents are. (I’m decent at describing scents until I have a Lush product to my nose.) This vegan soap is $6.95 and a great Secret Santa gift idea!

I highly recommend checking out all of Lush’s Christmas products. There are so many great options for kids, sisters, moms, co-workers, bosses, friends…everyone! If you’re participating in a Secret Santa with only a $10-$15 limit, gifts like these can make a great impression. Seriously, click the link and go check out The Melting Snowman.

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